The last of the Bedu




The last of the Bedu, in true British fashion, asks its readers to consider the demise of the once great race among the Muslims, the Beduin or simply a Bedu. Known to the outside world as camel herders from the desert, this race has been hero worshiped by the likes of Theisger. So no wonder his biographer would do the same. In three years of searching our author goes from one place to another and travels thousands of miles to first ascertain the true meaning and lineage of this great race. And then, secondly, what makes them great. He meets scholars and authors and he lives with several different tribes in varied places. He is wry and is sharp and off course knows Arabic, which makes so much easier his job. In the end he writes this fascinating account. His point is poignant: The real Bedu of British imagination is fast dying, much as it has been predicted in all these last 100 years or so.